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Rich Simmons is leading the next wave of artists pushing a new era of Modern Pop Art.


Inspired by pop art and comic artists from the 50s and 60s, Simmons achieves his bold, graphical comic style through detailed stencils and spray paint, techniques heavily rooted in street art. The most intriguing influence in Simmons' paintings is his integration of Renaissance techniques in composition, golden ratio and Fibonacci. Euro News went as far to describe Simmons' work as 'Pop Art inspired by da Vinci'.


At just 37 years old, Simmons has already exhibited in 33 galleries and museums across three continents, seven countries and 16 major cities, proving his versatility and global appeal.


Simmons' use of colour and commentary is bold and unmistakable. His irreverent sense of humour invites his audience to question taboo topics. Inked magazine described the work as something that will make you blush, and it's easy to see how the combination of superheroes and pin-ups tell stories of romance, lust, mental health and social injustice.


Prohbtd magazine described the work by saying, 'Simmons paints like a punk rocker' and as a self-taught artist and storyteller, that outside-the-box mentality and a willingness to write his own rules is clear. Rebellious and controversial but fun and humorous. What the Sex Pistols did with their music and lyrics is what Simmons is doing now with spray paint and canvas, rewriting the rule book and shaping a new genre of Pop Punk Art.


"I have always needed to push my limits, whether it's the storytelling, engineering, colours or art style. I want to create work that challenges my abilities, people's conceptions and the limits of what's possible with this art form."


"This collection of paintings spans a number of years, styles and stories. It is a collection that is quintessentially me. With every piece, the goal is to create something fresh but still look like my hands made it. Contrasting ideas created with continuity. Diverse but distinctive. An introduction to me as an artist, storyteller and technician. The quintessential stencil experience."

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